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Project news

Planned technical works for a night between Friday and Saturday of April 1

In Night between Friday and Saturday of April 1, the technical works are planned. Therefore the main server will be temporary down. Next services will be temporarily unavailable:

  • Mail server mail.wohlnet.ru
  • XMPP
  • Web-Hosting
  • OpenVPN on vpn.wohlnet.ru
  • HasteBin server on haste.wohlnet.ru
  • Discord Chat-bots which are working on this server

Apologize for the provided inconveniences!

Published 31.03.2017 в 14:23

Don't read spam letters and don't follow links

Recently we are found that some spammer sent spam letter with or link. We are don't providing any commercial services and telling you to ignore this and never read similar letters which are always lying.

Thanks for reading!

Published 16.11.2016 в 10:03

All technical works has been completed!

All technical works has been completed, all main services continues their working!

While technical works are in process, the server operation system has been updated. Also made bunch of works for increasing of quality of system working generally:

  • General performance and stability of server has been increased
  • Mail server no more dependent to backup virtual server
  • General server sequrity has been improved
  • PPTP was disabled by unstable working and was fully replaced with OpenVPN (therefore old connection clients WILL NOT WORK, and VPN usage scheme completelly changed: you should request the client certificate from administrator and also download from official OpenVPN site the client software which provides connection to network)

Published 05.04.2015 в 08:52

Server will be temporary down


The server will be temporary down from 0:00 UTC+3 at april 3 2015 because technical works will be in process. With downing of server will also be down all working services include web-hosting, mail and XMPP.

Apologize for the provided inconveniences!

Published 02.04.2015 в 22:02



There will be some technical works on main server machine, so there won't work mail-service and some other services. Also possible full shutdown of the server.

All works finished in April 12 2014 in 13:50 (1:50 PM)  UTC+4

Published 11.04.2014 в 21:19

Security update

    Recently scale up-dating of the central server sequrity, and especially the web hosting platforms. Woring process of teh PHP versions 5.3 and 5.4 for users of web hosting was improved, missing extensions and as possibility of individual preference of PHP for each host separately is made are set.

Published 07.02.2014 в 07:29

New hardware

All hardware replacement works are finished!

    All system services completely restored!

    The complete hardware of the central server was updated. Therefore increaded common performance and also virtual servers runtime is considerably improved.

Published 02.11.2013 в 03:39

Technical works!

Warning! Technical works on the hardware in process!

    Because we have works with hardware, the Central Server was down from 23 october 2013 in two days. Partically restored Web-Server and all it's sites.

While works in process, will be disabled next services:

  • Mail Server (Mail for wohlnet.ru domain will be recived by reserve mail server, and after resume servicing all reserved mails will be sent to their recipients)
    (Mail server was restored at 29 october 2013 in 15:37 UTC+4)
  • Jabber-server (Service was restored at 28 october 2013 in 12:43 UTC+4)
  • FTP-server (service was restored at 27 october 2013 in 14:12, wrong charset was fixed at 30 october 2013 in 0:31 UTC+4)
  • VPN-server (Service was restored at 27 october 2013 in 18:03 UTC+4)

Restoring of full service will able in the near future.

Published 25.10.2013 в 23:10

Reserve IPS

The Reserve network channel was opened!

    Beginning from this morning, the IPS reserve service has been launched, improving the Wohlabend service and the stability of the sites hosted.


Published 02.10.2013 в 18:21

New name of system

Now Wohlhabenden.NET Network system and WohlNET network
will be called as:

Wohlhabend Network System

Published 21.07.2013 в 20:00