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Security update

Published 07.02.2014 в 07:29

    Recently scale up-dating of the central server sequrity, and especially the web hosting platforms. Woring process of the PHP versions 5.3 and 5.4 for users of web hosting was improved, missing extensions and as possibility of individual preference of PHP for each host separately is made are set.

The following updates were made:

  • Stability of PHP 5.3 is improved, a row of compilation errors is corrected and sequrity is set up, new extensions are installed.
  • PHP 5.4 was updated, now users have able to use them for their projects without sequrity issues, new extensions are installed.
  • For SSH users now allocating the chroot-environment which saving the important server folders.
  • Many system folders of the server are protected which can contain extremally important server data.
  • The authentification system of wohlnet.ru site was improved.
  • Implemented the SUEXEC bases engine which will isolate web hosts from each others and also will give access to user's /home/ directory.