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Technical works!

Published 25.10.2013 в 23:10
Warning! Technical works on the hardware in process!

    Because we have works with hardware, the Central Server was down from 23 october 2013 in two days. Partically restored Web-Server and all it's sites.

While works in process, will be disabled next services:

  • Mail Server (Mail for wohlnet.ru domain will be recived by reserve mail server, and after resume servicing all reserved mails will be sent to their recipients)
    (Mail server was restored at 29 october 2013 in 15:37 UTC+4)
  • Jabber-server (Service was restored at 28 october 2013 in 12:43 UTC+4)
  • FTP-server (service was restored at 27 october 2013 in 14:12, wrong charset was fixed at 30 october 2013 in 0:31 UTC+4)
  • VPN-server (Service was restored at 27 october 2013 in 18:03 UTC+4)

Restoring of full service will able in the near future.

While works in process, will possible to down of server with sites which hosted on them.


Apologize for the provided inconveniences!